General Questions

Why should we pick Reed’s on the River?

First and foremost, we are located on the beautiful Sturgeon River and only a 4 hour drive or less from major cities in Michigan. The small town and cooler weather make Reed’s on the River a great choice for your vacation. Secondly, we have completely renovated all cabins. We have torn out everything inside and redone them all, with all new furnishings.
We hold our resort to higher standards than most cabin rentals.

As a result, you will find our cabins to be exceptionally CLEAN and tidy. If you find they aren’t, we want to know immediately as it’s our first rule, followed by an exceptional customer experience. Our cabins are also very well equipped including needed kitchen items, games for family to enjoy, cable TV and much more. The resort also offers countless activities on the grounds for our guests to enjoy.

Lastly, you should expect to have a very positive experience as we strive to make customer service one of our guiding principles. If we can do anything to make your stay more enjoyable, we will.

Where is Indian River, Michigan?

We are located off I-75 in Northern Michigan, just below the Upper Peninsula. We are about a 4 hour drive north of Detroit in the upper northeast corner of the hand.

What should we bring?

We provide shampoo, body wash, hand wash, and dish soap, so there’s no need to bring these items.

Our cabins are equipped with everything you need to make simple meals. Additionally, we offer a standard coffee maker and filters; however, please remember to bring your favorite coffee.

For personal comfort, we recommend packing bug spray, sunscreen, water shoes if you plan to go tubing, good hiking shoes, and your camera.

Can be bring our own boat to the cabins?

Although there are many rivers and lakes in the area, the Sturgeon River is not for boating. The Sturgeon River is for kayaking, rafting and tubing. If you would like to bring a boat on your vacation, please check out our other two properties as they have plenty of space for docking your boat and access to boating rivers. You can find those two properties by following this link to our Crooked River cabin, or this link to our Crooked River cottage.

Can I bring my own kayaks?

Yes, you can bring your own kayaks, but we do ask that you not bring them on a trailer due to space restrictions on parking.

Can I fish from your property?

Yes, you can fish directly from our property on the Sturgeon River.

Can we stay one night?

Guests cannot book a one-night stay online. While the website will display availability, it enforces a two-night minimum booking. Once you find available dates, please call us directly to make your reservation.

Can we check-in early or out late?

Although we typically need until 4PM to thoroughly clean the cabins if you would like to check in early please reach out us and we will accommodate your request if we can. Late Checkout is allowed when available and must be arranged in advance.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, we are a pet-friendly resort. Please read our pet policies thoroughly before making your reservation, as they are strictly enforced. You can find the pet/dog form on our POLICIES page. We allow a maximum of two dogs per reservation and charge a fee of $25 per night per dog. Please note, we do not accept cats or exotic animals.

It is essential to pick up after your dog to maintain our resort’s cleanliness and ensure we can continue welcoming pets. Many resorts in the area do not allow pets, and we want to maintain our pet-friendly status with your cooperation. Thank you for adhering to these rules.


How many cabins do you have and how close together are they?

We have 8 cabins on one-half acre of land. Each resort cabin is located on the river and has a patio or porch facing the river, with the exception of cabin 8. Cabin 8 is close to the river and still has access for fishing. Each cabin is about 25 feet apart. Unlike many “cabin rentals”, you will not arrive and find out you are in a duplex, triplex, or condo. Our rental cabins are all individual cabins with no shared walls. Although we are on the river and the setting is serene, please note that the front of the property faces a roadway and you can hear some traffic during busier times. Because the river is set closer to the road, many resorts will experience the same thing.



Do you provide ice or drinking water?

The tap water is very drinkable and has a good taste. In addition, each cabin has ice cube trays.

Are there any restaurants or grocery stores close by?

There are several restaurants within a 3-5 minute drive from our resort and a grocery store directly across from the resort. Many guests like to venture a little further into quaint Petoskey to enjoy restaurants there, which is about a 30 minute drive. Please check our DINING webpage for descriptions of the various restaurants.

Do any restaurants deliver to the cabins?

BC Pizza of Indian River will deliver pizza to the cabins. Click Here for their website.

Cabin Questions

Do you have Broadband Internet Access?

Yes, we have a high- speed internet connection with Wi-Fi available in all cabins. We do not charge our guests extra for this costly service.

Do the cabins have TVs?

Yes, every cabin has a 32 inch smart TV with Hulu live TV access. Although it is available, we find most people come to escape tv and phones and enjoy the fireplace or campfire and nature.

Do you have Cable TV?

We have Hulu with live TV available in all cabins. All TVs are smart TVs and you can access any streaming channels.

Are your beds comfortable?

There is nothing worse than coming on vacation and being in a uncomfortable bed. We spent hours upon hours researching mattresses and feel like we chose one that we would have in our own home. In addition, we purchased no less than 5 pillows to find one that felt like it would be a good choice for our guests. As you would expect, a sleeper or futon are not always the most comfortable. We did choose an ez glider couch that has a 6 inch foam mattress that is extra stuffed and different than a futon in that it is attached to the frame. We looked long and hard for the most comfortable options in a couch bedding option.

What does “housekeeping cabins” mean?

This simply means there is no daily housekeeping done by resort staff. We do not enter your cabin and make the beds on a daily basis. We do clean cabins and change bedding on a weekly basis if your stay is greater than one week (upon request).

Do you have fireplaces?

No, we do not have fireplaces, but we do have an electric fireplace in each cabin. We also have fire pits at each of the individual cabins.

Do you have air conditioning?

No, the cabins do not have air conditioning. Although there may be a few warm days in the summer, we find that most of the days are enjoyable and opening the windows for a breeze is enough. We do have ceiling fans in the living room and both bedrooms.

Do the cabins have kitchens?

Yes, 6 cabins have a 4 top stove and oven, a 7.1 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer, microwave, coffee pot, silverware, glasses, dishes, pots, pans, and utensils for simple meals. However, cabins 2 and 3 have an “economy” kitchen (please refer to individual cabin pages for more information). We sanitize all the kitchen items after each stay. If you are cooking for a large group and need oversized pans, we do request that you bring them with you. We supply dish soap, paper towels, dish towels, wash cloths and salt & pepper. Please bring condiments you will need along with any special utensils. Remember – each cabin has its own charcoal grill on its back patio.


Do the cabins have phones?

Our resort cabins do not have landline phones. Your cell phone may work from our resort depending on your provider. Verizon and AT&T seem to be the best.