When we first purchased the property, we saw the potential but we knew it was going to need a lot of love and hard work to get it ready for Summer 2021. Below you’ll see the people who dedicated their hard work and talents, what the property looked like after purchase, the work that went into cleaning up the area and rebuilding the cabins, and the finished project when we get there!

Information on this page is updated when big leaps are made, for up to date information on all renovations taking place please visit our Facebook Page!

First and foremost, here are the great people who dedicated their time and effort to make Reeds on the River the place it is today!

Here is a full gallery of what the property looked like when we purchased it.

As you can see, we had A LOT of work to put into this property before we could begin renting them out.

The restoration process began as soon as possible and with the help of friends and family we started the adventure.

Furniture and other items cleared out for removal.

We gathered up and threw out all of the old furniture from each cabin, preparing the interior for demolition and remodeling.

Having friends and family that share your vision helps knock out the tough jobs.

Don and Dave were removing the white panel and discovered a hidden gem underneath!

We learned a lot about the old cottages along the way and even found some hidden gems!

And don’t worry! The remodeling started from the ground up. Setting a good foundation for a project literally!

Next we removed trees and brush from the property to give it a more open and inviting feel. The overgrowth and lack of maintenance to the area made this quite a task.

Once clearing the trees and debris, we were left with a never ending pile of wood

Ken Reed has a long history of painting, priming, and getting buildings to look the way guests would expect them to look. So when it came time to preparing the property, he was prepared to help with the hard work.

Here is Don’s brother Ken power washing the dirt and preparing these cabins for paint and primer.

And the moment we’ve all been waiting for, here are some of the images of the progress we’ve made.

Here are some before and after images to show how far we’ve really come!

Cabin 7 will be our first completed cabin and already has drywall in and primed for painting, the ceiling is tongue and grooved, and flooring and trim is coming up next.

Work is still ongoing daily and when Spring 2021 arrives we’ll have some good finished product shots of the area and cabins!