The Reeds

The Reed Family

The Reeds of Reeds on the River!

Don and Joleen’s journey started well before Reeds on the River. Don grew up and was raised alongside his siblings in Alanson, MI, a close neighbor of Indian River. Years later he started his own family and ended up working in the hospitality industry in Petoskey, MI for many years. After the passing of his wife, Don and his children moved to Florida where he pursued a career in the healthcare industry.

His future wife, Joleen, was raised in Arizona and had never visited Michigan. In 2016, Joleen met Don at their workplace and they hit things off. Don brought Joleen back home to Northern Michigan to meet and visit with his family and she instantly fell in love with the beauty of the area.

Joleen and Don Reed
Don and Joleen on their wedding day!

Later in 2016 an opportunity presented itself. Don’s childhood home was up for sale. Joleen saw how much TLC was needed at the cabin and needed to be convinced.

After some convincing, Don jumped on the opportunity to purchase and renovate the home and property. After fully restoring the cabin, Joleen saw Don’s vision come to life and their family gathered at the relaxing, peaceful home every summer since. It was a family favorite place to be for the Reeds.

The first cabin that Don and his family renovated. Click the image above for a link to the airbnb page

They eventually purchased Don’s parent’s house on the same property as his childhood home in 2019. They then decided to share the beauty of Crooked River with others.

One of the Crooked River cabins in Alanson, MI. Click the image above for a link to the airbnb page

This started their short- term rental business. The family has enjoyed providing a peaceful, relaxing vacation spot for many visitors to Northern MI. After two years of renting out their cabins, it reinvigorated Don’s desire to get back into the hospitality business.

When visiting their cabin in June of 2020, Don drove by a for sale sign at what was previously Indian River Cottages which had been around since the 1960’s.

The original Indian River Cottages before Reeds on the River

Although the cottages had been closed down for the last three years, Don once again saw potential. After some thought, Don and Joleen decided to make a go at the cabin resort rental business and purchased the property. As you will see in pictures on the restoration page, it has and will be a labor of love.

Don and Joleen were fortunate enough to have Don’s brother and dad, as well as Joleen’s cousin’s, and many other family and friends see the vision of restoring the cabins to a place where friends and families can come to build memories. All of them have worked tirelessly to bring the resort back to life.

Ken, Phil, and Don Reed
Don’s sister in law Maurika and his brother Ken at their son’s wedding

The Reeds hope that you’ll enjoy their cabins in Northern Michigan as much as they’ve enjoyed the journey to bring them to you.