Cabin Policies

PLEASE Read These Policies thoroughly…

If you have any questions about what is listed below please navigate to our Contact Us page and we’d be happy to clear things up.

We ask everyone to read and understand our policies before making your rental cabin reservation. Most of these sound simple, however, many were added because we have experienced them all from our rental properties at one point in time. We do want you to have a fun, memorable, quiet, safe and clean environment. By providing you these in advance, there are no surprises. Thank you!

  • Check-in time is 4 PM. Checkout time is 11 AM. If you need early or late check out, email us and if we can accommodate it, we will. Most of the time, we need the time for thorough cleaning, so the next guests have a great clean experience. Unapproved late checkouts are billed at $50 per hour.
  • A $75 cleaning fee will be charged upon check in for each stay.
  • Guests are responsible for any damage to their cabin(s) or the resort grounds.
  • Smoking is ONLY permitted outside, and butts must be disposed of property.  $100 minimum cleaning fee for smoking in a cabin.
  • Our parking is extremely limited so no more 2 vehicles per cabin. No trailers unless you approve beforehand.
  • Only registered dogs are allowed on property and no more than two per cabin. Unregistered dogs\pets will be billed at $100 per animal per day. Please bring a bed for your pet if they enjoy it, as we ask that pets not be allowed on furniture or beds. We also ask that you clean up after your pet waste. There will be a $50 charge for any pet waste not disposed of.
  • A $50 minimum cleanup fee will be added onto the standard cleaning fee for any cabin that is excessively dirty (including dirty dishes). If our staff must wash or re-wash your dishes there will be a minimum fee of $50.
  • Please be respectful of the outside space at your fire pit. Please clean up after yourself, throw away trash, and pick up any bottle caps, etc.
  • DO NOT BREAK THE BRANCHES OFF OUR TREES FOR ANY REASON.  Our trees provide shade, places for wildlife, and natural beauty. Do not damage them.
  • A $50 minimum lost/non-returned key charge.
  • No refund for early checkout.
  • Rates/Policies are subject to change without prior notification.
  • Note: It is not our intention to charge additional fees if our property is left in a reasonable manner that displays respect to the resort grounds, individual cabin belongings, the cabin structure and other resort guests. The frequency of such occurrences is extremely rare but has happened so as for us to have to set the policies.